New! Tiki’s pedigree information.

Also new! Tiki is MDR1 normal/normal. 

Flyby’s Brilliant Spark, more commonly known as Tiki, is the sire of Salish Sea English Shepherds.  Tiki was bred by Flyby English Shepherds of Aldergrove, B.C.  Originally, he was supposed to be sire a litter for his original breeder sometime in 2014-2015, but the plan never came to fruition, so we’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for his genetic line.

Most people who meet Tiki immediately remark on how handsome he is, and we agree: he’s a beautiful dog, inside and out.  He’s gentle, calm, polite, rule-abiding and rule-enforcing, and fiercely loyal to his humans.  He has lived with older dogs, younger dogs, cats, and small children (from a newborn to our now 4 year-old), and treated them all with respect and kindness.  As a young dog, he excelled at agility, and loves hiking in the woods.  Our feeling is that he would have made an excellent therapy dog; tolerant of most kinds of attention from people, he has an uncanny ability to know when he needs to disengage, and does so without any drama or excitement.  He is confident, well-balanced, and a steady influence on everyone in our family.