New! Rosie’s pedigree information.

Also new! Rosie is MDR1 normal/normal.

Rosie (who also goes by Small Acre’s Crystal Discovery, which is an homage to  her “real” name of Rosalind Franklin) is originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, where she is the product of a long line of genetically sound farm dogs.  We picked Rosie because we felt her family’s herding and working traits would compliment Tiki’s somewhat urban orientation.  Although we have not had her out herding livestock, we often watch her try to herd other dogs at the park, which makes us think that you might be able to take the dog out of the country, but you’ll struggle to take the country out of the dog. 

Since her arrival, Rosie has become the alpha dog in our house.  Part of this is her strong personality, and part of this is Tiki’s willingness to allow other people and dogs to have their needs met before his.  She’s excellent with kids and tremendously tolerant of our 4 year-old, though she’s still getting used to strangers and her yard.  She is also the most cuddly dog any of us have ever met, and is absolutely desperate to please her people.  A quick study with the leash, she loves walks in the city and hikes in the woods, and is usually found curled up near someone’s feet.