Our Story, Our Dogs

Our first English Shepherd didn’t come to us as an English Shepherd. Goblin was a rescue from Canmore, Alberta, who joined our family as a Border Collie — only it was very evident from the beginning that he was nothing of the sort. Some sleuthing, and careful study, lead us to the conclusion that he was in fact a very big, not-too-bright English Shepherd, and a fantastic dog, and thus began our love affair with the breed.

As Goblin got older, we started to talk about what we wanted in another dog. At this point, we weren’t considering breeding, but we found Tiki from Aldergrove, British Columbia. Tiki came to live with us in December of 2012, and our breeder asked us to keep him intact, with the intention of breeding him down the road. For a variety of reasons, the stud plan never came to fruition, but Tiki’s personality — his calmness, his desire to please, his intuitiveness — were traits we thought were admirable and worth preserving… so we embarked on a search for a suitable breeding partner.  Tiki brings a long family history of agility and flyball competitiveness; his siblings have done exceptionally well at dog sports, and as a highly biddable, devoted dog, the amount of agility work he has done has gone very well.  But Tiki also comes from a line of urban and suburban dogs, dogs who ride around in the back of cars and sleep on soft beds at night.  In looking for a breeding partner, we wanted to find a dog that could compliment his temperament and his abilities, and so we went looking for a more “country” kind of girl.

Rosie joined our family from Fort Collins, Colorado. She is very clearly the alpha  among the dogs: determined, clever, deeply committed to her people.  While Tiki is basically an “urban” dog, and comes from urban dog stock, Rosie is very much a farm dog in the big city — she loves to try herding the dogs at the park, tries hard to be in charge of the people in her life, and (like most English Shepherds) wants to enforce the unwritten rules of the homestead.  You can take the girl out of the country, but the country stays in the girl.

Together, she and Tiki make a formidable pair — and we believe they’re going to make fabulous puppies. If they don’t make fantastic farm and agility dogs, they will, if nothing else, make deeply loving companions and family members.  They’re great with kids (they both love our 4 year-old), are awesome in the city, great on the trails and in the woods, desperately want to please, and are the lights of our canine lives.