Update: we did it! Jester has a new home!

It’s apparently a common thing, according to my friends who breed dogs: people agree to take a puppy, but then at the last minute their circumstances change, and they end up having to back out.  It happened to us yesterday, and unfortunately it happened to this guy.  Cougar found his forever home (and got renamed Bobby in the process), but Jester lost his.  Can you help him, too? 

If there was a puppy in the litter I would say is most like Tiki, this is probably him.  He’s got a bit of prey drive, but not too much — enough to like playing, but not so much that he’s destructive and pounces on everything.  He likes to cuddle, but not a lot.  He’s smart and wants to please you, but he’s also calm and stable on his own.  He’s basically a well-balanced dog who would be at home in virtually any environment, but (as with all our dogs) we’re really looking for a family that can provide him with the time and energy he deserves.  

Let’s see if we can’t find a good home for this guy.  He’s too awesome.