2018 Litter

Update: Puppies are all gone. Thanks for your interest. We are not planning any breedings in the immediate future. To be notified if future breedings are planned, please e-mail info (at) salishseashephers.com.

This is our first litter as breeders, and we are tremendously excited to join the community of stewards of the English Shepherd breed.  Our puppies are expected around mid-July, and will likely be heading to their new homes by the end of the summer or into early September.  We are expecting six puppies in total. Given the temperament of the parents, we expect puppies from this litter to be active, biddable, eager to please, smart, and loyal to their humans. 

You should understand that English Shepherds are an active breed, and require regular exercise and mental stimulation.  While not as “busy” as a Border Collie, an English Shepherd is happiest when he has jobs to do, rules to follow, and a clearly defined role within the family structure; any dog, lacking in enough stimulation, can become destructive and unpleasant, so please make sure you have the room in your life (both in terms of physical space and time) to take on this responsibility.  

In the interests of promoting stability for our puppies, we give preference to people who own their own homes, or who have stable, established pet-friendly rental situations. Our puppies will be socialized around people of all ages, including a very enthusiastic four year-old.  

Interested in a puppy? Send us a note at info@salishseashepherds.com and tell us a few things about you, your life, and why you’re interested in one of our dogs:

  • What’s your family situation? 
  • What’s your experience with dogs and puppies?  Ever had problems with a dog that lead you to surrender or give up a dog? 
  • What’s your philosophy on dog ownership? 
  • What lead you to an English Shepherd? What do you know about the breed?
  • What are your goals for this dog? (e.g., “I want a good dog for my family and kids,” “I want an agility partner,” “someone needs to be in charge of my chickens,” etc.)
  • What are your living arrangements?  Is everyone in your family in agreement about getting a new dog? 
  • What are your plans for introducing this dog to your family and its living situations?
  • What do you think a typical day for this dog will look like? 
  • What kind of temperament do you want for your new dog?  Do you have any preferences as to coloration, or male/female? 

You can also use our online puppy questionnaire if it’s easier than cutting and pasting content into an e-mail. Let’s talk!